A Lion Is A Lion

A Lion Is A Lion
Polly Dunbar
Walker Books

The Tiger Who Came to Tea has been enchanting young and old alike for half a century. Now there’s a new feline visitor on the block, one with a large shaggy mane.

But, when is a lion not a lion, or does it remain a lion even if it sports a dapper jacket and matching hat, carries an umbrella and skips along the road singing a jolly “Hoobie-doobie-doo” song?

Supposing said creature invites himself into your home, introduces himself and asks you to dance.

Then, what if he decides to stay for lunch and not only consumes all his veggies but the plate as well; and then politely, looking you right in the eye, requests some pudding? Uh-oh!

Could that be when he begins to show his true nature with those gaping jaws and very sharp gnashers and you realise that this particular ‘guest’ is not welcome in your house, oh no most definitely not.

That’s the time to show that beastie who is boss and send him packing out of the door and down the street before you can say LION,

for the crucial thing to remember, no matter what is ‘A LION IS ALWAYS A LION!’

There’s always a joyful exuberance about Polly Dunbar’s books and so it is with this one too, which breaks into rhyme from time to time. Her characters, both feline and human, are totally beguiling with the children showing remarkable insouciance in the first instance; and the whole thing is a lesson in assertiveness and not to be deceived by appearances: after all you never know …