Beast Feast

Beast Feast
Emma Yarlett
Walker Books

Emma Yarlett serves up another yummy picture book, this time about a beast who, despite appearances, has a rather soft heart.

When said Beast catches a delicious meal he decides that rather than consuming it all by himself, he’ll invite his beastly pals to share in a ‘Beast Feast’.

Off go four invitations and it’s not long before the replies start coming. Although all the guests are eager to partake of the delicious meal, each includes as part of the response, some cooking instructions on how to make Dinner all the more wonderfully grim and grisly.

Dinner on the other hand is anything but keen to be consumed, feast or no feast.

Consequently he offers his own suggestions for improving the recipe so that it’s the juiciest, saltiest, slimiest and best chilled meal

the Beast’s demanding guests are hoping for on feast day.

But can he succeed in saving his skin with his playful notions …

With her own yummy ingredients – a smashing story, endearing main characters and crazy items of correspondence – Emma Yarlett’s lip-smacking offering, whether shared around Halloween time or on other occasions, will be met with demands for immediate extra helpings from story-hungry youngsters.

(Don’t miss the recipes – disgusting and yummy – inside the front and back covers.)

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