With Lots of Love

DSCN6271 (800x600)

I Love You More and More
Nicky Benson and Jonny Lambert
Little Tiger Press
Warm and reassuring is this litany of endless love, which celebrates a very special relationship between an adult bear and its cub, while at the same time introducing a host of other endearing animal characters …

DSCN6297 (800x600)

as the two journey together through woods, up hills and down, to a waterfall

DSCN6272 (800x600)

and river, then pausing to look upwards at the star-filled night sky,

DSCN6273 (800x600)

big bear assures the little one “You are beautiful in all you do,
And in all the words you say …
I love you, baby, more and more
   With every precious day.”
And just how precious those shared times are is evident in Jonny Lambert’s stylish collage style illustrations and Nicky Benson’s gentle, lyrical rhyming words.
Just the thing to snuggle up and share with a loved one at bedtime or any time of day.

Equally delightful is the small format:

DSCN6274 (800x600)

Love …
Emma Dodd
Nosy Crow
Herein a mother rabbit and her little one spend the day together talking, resting, sheltering …

DSCN6275 (800x600)

and sometimes, savouring the moment …

DSCN6276 (800x600)

as the young rabbit learns from those inevitable mistakes

DSCN6277 (800x600)

and mother rabbit realises that the world is even more wonderful now that she can share it with her little one.
Chock-full of love, this is perfect for sharing with tinies (and perhaps not so tinies) at bedtime, in the daytime, any time you want to pass on some tender magic Emma Dodd style.

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