Box & Hop Along Boo

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Min Flyte and Rosalind Beardshaw
Nosy Crow
Those of us who have dealings with young children know that they love to play with, in and on, boxes, the bigger the better. The idea is delightfully explored with Thomas, Alice, Sam and Nancy in this book subtitled ‘What would you do with a box?’
Thomas’s box is the smallest; he and we ponder over what might be inside and then open the flap to reveal …

DSCN5694 (800x600)

a drum.
Then it’s bang, bang , march to see Alice and her medium-sized box containing …
Well you can guess by the pedal, pedal manner in which she visits Sam and his very big box with a blanket within …  Last comes Nancy with her ENORMOUS box wherein there’s not one but four further boxes

DSCN5695 (800x600)

and finally  the real fun begins – imagine …

DSCN5696 (800x600)
Imagine ….

DSCN5697 (800x600)

And imagine again …

DSCN5698 (800x600)

They might even make a bed and snuggle down for some well-earned rest.
With those adorable preschoolers, an interactive text and a surprise constructive opportunity inside the back cover, this is a great book to share with an early years group and I suggest you make sure there are plenty of boxes at the ready thereafter. There’s tremendous potential for mathematical learning and creative play from this beautifully simple book.

DSCN5804 (800x600)

Hop Along Boo Time For bed
Mandy Sutcliffe
Orchard Books
Belle and her bunny Boo return for a nocturnal foray.
As the moon peeps through Boo’s window he hears Belle strumming and singing him a lullaby down below.

DSCN5805 (800x600)

Young listeners can join them in an enchanting pyjama-clad adventure wherein they’ll meet cowboys, dancers, fairies, elephants,

DSCN5807 (800x600)

babies, pirates even, on the way to the world of slumbers.
Beautifully dreamlike and soporific are Mandy Sutcliffe’s rhyming text and appropriately cosy bedtime scenes.

DSCN5806 (800x600)

Use your local bookshop      localbookshops_NameImage-2

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